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Wednesday, September 13th 2017
Speaker: Xinxin Cai
Subject: Magnetoresistance oscillations and the half-flux quantum state in mesoscopic Sr2RuO4

Spin-triplet superconductor Sr2RuO4 was predicted to support exotic objects such as half-quantum vortices, which carry a magnetic flux half of the flux quantum Phi_0=hc/2e. We report electrical transport measurements on micron-sized, doubly connected cylinders of Sr2RuO4 single crystals with the cylinder axis along the c axis. Large amplitude magnetoresistance oscillations were observed, revealing unconventional Little-Parks effect dominated by vortex crossing. The free energy barrier that controls the vortex crossing was modulated by the magnetic flux enclosed in the cylinder, an in-plane field, measurement current, and factors related to sample geometry. Distinct features on magnetoresistance peaks were found consistent with the emergence of the half-quantum state in this material, only in samples for which the vortex crossing is confined at specific parts of the sample.

Faculty Host: Vlad Pribiag

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