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Sunday, May 6th 2018
08:00 am:
Friday, May 4 - Sunday, May 6 2018

9:00 AM - Erez Berg (University of Chicago): Pedagogical Presentation: Scrambling, SYK, and Condensed Matter
10:00 AM - Yingfei Gu (Harvard University): Entanglement in the SYK Models
11:00 AM - Andreas Ludwig (University of California, Santa Barbara): Entanglement Spectra of Symmetry Protected Topological (SPT) Phases and Boundary Conformal Field Theory
11:40 AM - Johanna Erdmenger (University of Wuerzburg): Holographic Kondo Models
12:20 PM - Julian Sonner (Universite de Geneve): Thermalisation and Black Holes in Low-Dimensional AdS/CFT
1:00 pm - Workshop ends. Thank you for your participation!

Faculty Host: Alex Kamenev

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