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Wednesday, February 6th 2019
Speaker: Andrew Furmanski (The University of Manchester)
Subject: Neutrinos at Short Baselines

Neutrino oscillations are being measured carefully across a broad range
of experiments, but there remain some anomalies that have not been fully
explained. Using three liquid argon TPCs on the same neutrino beam, the
short baseline neutrino program at Fermilab will set the worlds best
limits on eV-scale sterile neutrinos, whilst developing liquid argon
technology critical for DUNE and making precision measurements of
neutrino-argon interactions. MicroBooNE - the first operating TPC in
the SBN program - has been collecting data since late 2015. This talk
will describe the current status of the three-detector experiment, and
present the first physics results with MicroBooNE data.

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