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Thursday, May 23rd 2019
2:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in 201-20 Tate Hall
Speaker: Ruiqi Xing, University of Minnesota
Subject: Charge order, Magnetism and Superconductivity In Iron-Based Superconductors and their Interplay
This is the public portion of Mr. Xing's Thesis Defense. His advisor is Andrey V. Chubukov.

This talk focuses on the theoretical understanding of the interesting phases observed in one kind of the high temperature superconductors, iron-based superconductors. I will introduce important and relevant experiment results of iron-based superconductors,and the itinerant-scenario approach to studying these materials. We use parquet renormalization group theory to study a 4-pocket and a 5-pocket model for iron-based superconductors to shed more light upon the competing instabilities, such as charge order, magnetism and superconductivity in these materials. We find amazingly simple behaviors in these complex models.These results can explain the interplay between superconductivity, charge order and magnetism in different kinds of iron-based superconductors.

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