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Friday, June 14th 2019

8:45 AM
Subir Sachdev, Harvard University
Spin liquids in insulators and metals

9:45 AM
Coffee Break

10:15 AM
James Analytis, University of California, Berkeley
Magneto-transport signatures of strange metals: Hall effect and magnetoresistance

11:15 AM

11:30 AM
Kristjan Haule, Rutgers University
Correlations in solids within embedded Dynamical Mean Field Theory (eDMFT) functional

12:30 PM
Lunch Break - On Your Own

2:00 PM
Dmitrii Maslov, University of Florida
Transport properties of correlated electron systems: non-Fermi liquids

3:00 PM
Coffee Break

3:30 PM
Harold Y. Hwang, Stanford University
Recent advances in oxide heterostructures

4:30 PM
Reception & Poster Session

8:00 PM
School Ends for the Day

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