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Friday, September 13th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: David Tennyson (Imperial College, London)
Subject: D=4 N=1 Compactifications via Generalised Geometry - Kahler Potential, Superpotential and Moduli

Understanding flux compactifications of string theory is important for both phenomenology and the AdS/CFT correspondence. However, the presence of fluxes greatly complicates both the physics and mathematics of such solutions and not much is known about them in general. In my talk I will give an overview of the work done in an upcoming paper in which we address the question of what properties generic N=1 D=4 Minkowski compactifications have. Such questions are most naturally formulated in the language of exceptional generalised geometry (EGG), where it is known that such solutions are described by an SU(7) structure on the generalised tangent bundle. In my talk I will spend some time introducing the formalism of EGG before describing what an SU(7) structure implies for the geometry. We will find that the structure has properties very reminiscent of complex structures in conventional geometry. Guided with this intuition we will be able to provide a method for analysing the moduli of these solutions in a systematic way, giving explicit examples for G_{2} manifolds, GMPT compactifications and Calabi-Yau manifolds. Moreover, we will see that we can give an explicit expression for the superpotential and Kahler potential of the lower dimensional effective theory in terms of the generalised tensors defining the SU(7) structure.

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