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Friday, October 18th 2019
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Edgar Shaghoulian (Cornell U.)
Subject: Quantum gravity in a finite box

The Wilsonian paradigm suggests universality of quantum field theory in the infrared. Interestingly, it also suggests universality of quantum mechanics (d=1 quantum field theory) in the ultraviolet. What, then, lies in the landscape of the infrared of quantum mechanics, and what are the ways in which the ultraviolet can be modified? I will focus on a particular deformation of quantum mechanics inspired by the T-Tbar deformation of two-dimensional quantum field theory. In the context of holography, this deformation will correspond to placing Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity in a finite box. I will also present an equivalent description of this deformation in terms of coupling to worldline gravity.

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