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Monday, October 28th 2019
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Taylor Hoyt, University of Chicago
Subject: The Carnegie-Chicago Hubble Program: A Tip of the Red Giant Branch measurement of the Hubble Constant.

Since the discovery of the expanding universe, the classical distance ladder measurement of the Hubble constant has relied on the Cepheid Leavitt Law. A century later, the Carnegie Chicago Hubble Program (CCHP) has for the first time established a dedicated tip of the red giant branch (TRGB) distance scale to measure the Hubble constant, entirely independent of the extragalactic Leavitt Law. In this talk, I will briefly summarize the status of the “Hubble Tension,” present the methods and main results of the CCHP's TRGB program, and end with a look towards ongoing and future programs.

Faculty Host: Lucy Fortson

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