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Tuesday, October 8th 2019
Speaker: John A. Rogers, Northwestern University
Subject:  Transient Electronics and Digital Sensor Systems

A remarkable feature of modern integrated circuit technology is its ability to operate in a stable fashion, with almost perfect reliability, without physical or chemical change. Recently developed classes of electronic materials create an opportunity to engineer the opposite outcome, in the form of ‘transient’ devices that dissolve, disintegrate or otherwise disappear at triggered times or with controlled rates. Water-soluble transient electronics serve as the foundations for interesting applications in zero-impact environmental monitors, 'green' consumer electronics and bio-resorbable biomedical implants. This presentation describes the foundational concepts in the materials science and assembly processes for bioresorbable electronics and digital sensing systems. Wireless monitors of intracranial temperature, pressure and electrophysiology for use in treatment of traumatic brain injury and nerve stimulators configured for use in accelerated neuroregeneration provide application examples.

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