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Monday, October 21st 2019
1:25 pm:
Speaker:  William J. Nuttall (The Open University, UK)
Subject: Decarbonizing Heat and Transport – a role for hydrogen from natural gas?

Professor Nuttall will describe the realities of the ‘hydrogen economy’ as it exists today. He will then present some recent ideas pointing to a low-carbon future achieved on the basis of a greatly expanded role for hydrogen soured from natural gas and coupled with carbon, capture, utilization and storage. This could facilitate the roll-out of Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicles with no harmful tailpipe emissions. Hydrogen also has to potential to decarbonize heating and he will explain how such ideas are currently gaining traction in the United Kingdom. In some ways the proposed ‘new hydrogen economy’ represents an alternative to well-established visions proposing a greatly expanded electrification of energy services.

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