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Week of Monday, October 27th 2014

Monday, October 27th 2014
12:15 pm:
There will be no seminar this week because of the MIFA public lecture on Thursday.
1:00 pm:
CM Journal Club in 210 Tate
There will be no seminar this week.
Tuesday, October 28th 2014
Speaker:  Abdul Malmi-Kakkada, University of Minnesota
Subject: Dislocation Mobility and Anomalous Shear Modulus in Quantum Crystals
12:20 pm:
Space Physics Seminar in 210 Physics
Speaker: Evan L. Tyler, University of Minnesota
Subject:  "The discrepancy between single and multi-spacecraft techniques in measurements of solar wind discontinuities"
There will be no seminar this week.
2:30 pm:
Biophysics Seminar in 210 Physics
There will be no seminar this week.
3:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in Physics 435
Speaker: Jacob Simones
Subject: An Analysis of Star Formation in M31 Using Resolved Stars and Ultraviolet Flux
This is the public portion of Mr. Simones PhD thesis defense
Wednesday, October 29th 2014
1:25 pm:
Nuclear Physics Seminar in 435 Physics
Speaker: Matt Kistler (Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, Stanford)
Subject: Implications of the first high-energy astrophysical neutrino events in IceCube
Faculty Host: Yong-Zhong Qian
3:35 pm:
Speaker: Jeroen van Dongen, University of Amsterdam
Subject: Communicating the Heisenberg relations: Niels Bohr and the forgotten Einstein-Rupp Experiments
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium
Faculty Host: Michel Janssen
Thursday, October 30th 2014
11:20 am:
Thesis Defense in PaN 110
Speaker: Kevin Christie, University of Minnesota
Subject: Non-equilibrium spin accumulation in Co_2 Fe_x Mn_(1-x) Si/GaAs heterostructures
This is the public portion of Mr. Christie's thesis defense.
Speaker: Mehdi Lemee'
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Liam Fitzpatrick (Stanford U.)
Subject: The Conformal Bootstrap Near the Light-cone
1:25 pm:
Condensed Matter Seminar in 210 Physics
Speaker: Thomas Vojta, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Subject: Quantum phase transitions and disorder: Griffiths singularities, infinite randomness, and smearing
Faculty Host: Rafael Fernandes
7:00 pm:
The Inaugural MIfA Public Lecture in Bell Museum Auditorium
Speaker: Dr. Clem Pryke, Professor, U of Minnesota
Subject: Viewing the Birth of the Universe from the Bottom of the World
Friday, October 31st 2014
Speaker: Liam Fitzpatrick (Stanford U.)
Subject: Wilsonian and Large N approaches to Quantum Critical Metals
Speaker: Ivan Linscott, Stanford
Subject: The Radioscience Experiment (REX), on the New Horizons Mission to Pluto
Speaker: Jeroen van Dongen, History of Science, University of Amsterdam/Utrecht University
Subject: A Virtuous Theorist’s Theoretical Virtues: Einstein on Physics versus Mathematics and Experience versus Unification
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics at 3:15 p.m.
Speaker: Rafael Fernandes, University of Minnesota
Subject: Theory of correlated materials: from high-temperature superconductors to quantum magnets

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