University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Summer REU Program


Applications for the REU program are sought from undergraduate students who are interested doing physics research, and who are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Applicants should not have earned B.A. or B.S. degrees as of the start of the program. Women, members of underrepresented groups, U.S. veterans and students from universities with limited research programs are strongly encouraged to apply.

All applications should include:
  • Two letters of recommendation
    • Recommenders will receive an email request for their letter within 24 hours of your application submission

  • Personal Statement
    • Discuss your interest in participating in the REU program; how will fit into your goals (e.g. pursuit of graduate- or professional-level work in a specific discipline or area); the scientific questions that intrigue you and why; and the area in which you would like to conduct research. Be specific about your interests, as this will help facilitate your placement.
    • Discuss your relevant background - academic, personal, and service; the special strengths, interests and personal qualities that you bring to the program; and what you hope to gain from participating in the program.

  • Biographical Sketch
    • Provide a short summary (100 words maximum) of your academic background; research and other interests; extracurricular and volunteer activities; and other items of possible personal interest that will help other students, faculty and staff to get to know you. The sketch should be written in the third person.

  • Unofficial Transcript

Applications will open November 19, 2018 and will close at 11:59 p.m. on January 31, 2019

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