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Alec Habig

Graduate Faculty (Physics UMD)

UMD, MWAH358 (office)
UMD, MWAH341 (lab)
ahabig @ • vitae

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I'm a cosmic ray astronomer who works with big neutrino detectors, using their ability to see lots of high energy cosmic rays (these are the data the neutrino people are busy trying to throw out!). These detectors will also be great for seeing the burst of neutrinos coming from a core-collapse supernova, but only if it's as close as somewhere in our own galaxy, which would be a few-times-a-century sort of event.

Summary of Interests
Experimental particle astrophysics and neutrino oscillation physics. Member of the MINOS, NOvA, DUNE, and HALO collaborations, specializing in the analysis of cosmic rays, supernova neutrinos, and high energy neutrino-induced upward-going muons. [Research Web Page]

Selected Publications

P. Antonioli et al (The SNEWS Group), SNEWS: The SuperNova Early Warning System, New Journal of Physics

Y. Fukuda et al (The Super-K Collaboration), Evidence for oscillation of atmospheric neutrinos, Physical Review Letters

P. Adamson et al (The NOvA Collaboration), Constraints on Oscillation Parameters from νe Appearance and νμ Disappearance in NOvA, Physical Review Letters [abstract]

P. Adamson et al (The NOvA Collaboration), Measurement of the neutrino mixing angle θ23 in NOvA, Physical Review Letters [abstract]

P. Adamson et al (The MINOS Collaboration, NIST, and USNO), Precision measurement of the speed of propagation of neutrinos using the MINOS detectors, Physical Review D [abstract]

P. Adamson et al (The MINOS Collaboration), Observation in the MINOS far detector of the shadowing of cosmic rays by the sun and moon, Astroparticle Physics

A. Habig, A Brief Review of MINOS neutrino oscillation results, Modern Physics Letters A

E.W. Grashorn et al, The atmospheric charged kaon/pion ratio using seasonal variation methods, Astroparticle Physics

P. Adamson et al (The MINOS Collaboration), Observation of muon intensity variations by season with the MINOS far detector, Physical Review D

E. Thrane et al (The Super-K Collaboration), Search for Astrophysical Neutrino Point Sources at Super-Kamiokande, Astrophysical Journal

S. Osprey et al, Sudden stratospheric warmings seen in MINOS deep underground muon data, Geophysical Research Letters

D.G. Michael et al (The MINOS Collaboration), The magnetized steel and scintillator calorimeters of the MINOS experiment, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A

P. Adamson et al (The MINOS Collaboration), Measurement of the atmospheric muon charge ration at TeV energies with MINOS, Physical Review D

K. Abe et al (The Super-K Collaboration), High energy neutrino astronomy using upward-going muons in Super-Kamiokande-I, Astrophysical Journal


BS (physics), Wright State University, 1989
MA (astronomy), Indiana University, 1992
Ph.D. (astrophysics), Indiana University, 1996