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Kent Bodurtha

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Employment: Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

About My Work

Thin-film semiconductor experimental physics. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon is a potential candidate for low-cost next-generation photovoltaic devices. We have developed a technique to embed silicon nanocrystals into a hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin film, which yields a mixed-phase material with superior opto-electronic properties. The process by which these films are made is hugely flexible, allowing the deposition of exotic mixed-phase, mixed-material films. I have fabricated thin films composed of germanium nanocrystals embedded into hydrogenated amorphous silicon, which display interesting transport and optical properties. I perform a variety of measurements and characterization techniques on the samples, including thermopower, conductivity, Raman, FTIR and X-Ray Diffraction, to name a few.


Bachelor of Science, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN