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Scott Fallows

PAN 324 (office), 301-1818
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Awards: Robert O. Pepin Fellowship, 2008

About My Work

Search for direct detection of particle dark matter with the SuperCDMS experiment.

Selected Publications

Z. Ahmed et al., Search for annual modulation in low-energy CDMS-II data, arXiv:1203.1309 [astro-ph.CO] (2012)

Z. Ahmed et al., Combined Limits on WIMPs from the CDMS and EDELWEISS Experiments, arXiv:1105.3377 [astro-ph.CO] (2011)

Z. Ahmed et al., Search for inelastic dark matter with the CDMS II experiment, arXiv:1012.5078 [astro-ph.CO] (2010)

Z. Ahmed et al., Results from a Low-Energy Analysis of the CDMS II Germanium Data, arXiv:1011.2482 [astro-ph.CO] (2010)

Z. Ahmed et al., Results from the Final Exposure of the CDMS II Experiment, arXiv:0912.3592 [astro-ph.CO] (2009)

M.A. Lindeman et al., Percolation model of excess electrical noise in transition-edge sensors, Nucl. Inst. and Meth. A, 559 (2): 715-717 (2006)


B.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2007