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Evan Frodermann

WMSONH 130B (office), 625-9323
frodermann @ • curriculum vitae


University Presidential Fellowship: The Ohio State University (2007)
Fowler Graduate Fellowship: tOSU (2002)

Positions held
Post-doctoral research associate: University of Minnesota (2012-Present) w/ K. Heller
Lecturer/Teaching Specialist: UMN (2010 - Present)
Post-doctoral research assistant: UMN (2008-2010) w/ J. Kapusta
Graduate Student: tOSU (2002-2008) Advisor: U. Heinz

Summary of Interests
HBT radii of heavy-ion collisions using photon and pion signals. Research in utilizing better techniques in teaching undergraduate physics. Using computer driven tutorial programs to aid students in developing sound problem solving approaches.

Selected Publications

Q. (Xu) Ryan, E. Frodermann, K. Heller, L. Hsu, B. Aryal, Designing a Useful Problem Solving Coach: Usage and Usability Studies, Proceedings of the Physics Education Research Conference (2013)

M.A. Lisa, E. Frodermann, G. Graef, M. Mitrovski, E. Mount, H. Peterson, M. Bleicher, Shape analysis of strongly-interacting systems: The Heavy-ion case., J. Phys 13, 065006 (2011)

E. Frodermann and U. Heinz, Photon HBT interferometry for non-central heavy-ion collisions., Phys. Rev. C, 80, 044903 (2009)

S. Turbide, C. Gale, E. Frodermann and U. Heinz, Electromagnetic radiation from nuclear collisions at RHIC energies., Phys. Rev. C, 77, 024909 (2008)

E. Frodermann, R. Chatterjee, and U. Heinz, Evolution of pion HBT radii from RHIC to LHC: Predictions from ideal hydrodynamics., J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys, 34, 2249-2254 (2007)

R. Chatterjee, E. Frodermann, U. Heinz, and D.K. Srivastava, Elliptic flow of thermal photons in relativistic nuclear collisions, Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 202302 (2006)

E. Frodermann, U. Heinz and M.A. Lisa, Fitted HBT radii versus space-time variances in flow-dominated models, Phys. Rev. C, 73, 044908 (2006)


Ph.D., Physics, The Ohio State University (2008)
M.S., Physics, The Ohio State University (2005)
B.A, Physics and Mathematics, St. Olaf College (2002)