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Melanie Galloway

PAN 320 (office), 626-0405
galloway @

Summary of Interests
Supermassive black hole & host-galaxy co-evolution, galaxy morphology, citizen science, physics education

About My Work

I work with Dr. Lucy Fortson studying large populations of galaxies utilizing data from the crowdsourcing project Galaxy Zoo ( My primary research focus involves the effect of large-scale bars on the evolution of their host galaxy. In my first publication (Galloway et al. 2015), I found that bars have a small effect in fueling active galactic nuclei (AGN) in spiral galaxies, whose morphologies were determined by optical images classified in Galaxy Zoo. Currently I am studying how morphology changes across optical and near-infrared wavelengths, with particular attention to galactic bars. Additionally, I study the effects of redshift bias on human visual classifications, and use this information to correct/debias Galaxy Zoo data for public release.

Selected Publications

Galaxy Zoo: the effect of bar-driven fueling on the presence of an active galactic nucleus in disc galaxies, MNRAS


Physics B.S. Hamline University, St. Paul,MN
Religion B.A. Hamline University, St. Paul,MN
Physics M.S. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,MN