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John Dickey

Emeritus Faculty (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)

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Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1990-2004; Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, 1985-1990; Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, 1982-1985.
Emeritus Professor 2004-present

Professor and Head of School, Physical Sciences, University of Tasmania 2014-present
Professor and Head of School, Mathematics and Physics, University of Tasmania 2009-2013
Professor and Head of Discipline, Physics, University of Tasmania 2004-2009

Awarded: University of Minnesota Award for Outstanding Service to Students, 1986; University of Minnesota Student Alumni Association Teaching Award, 1987; Sabbatical Fellowship, Bush Foundation, 1988; Sabbatical Fellowship, Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy, 1988; University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, Outstanding Teacher Award, 1990; Sabbatical Fellowship, Australia Telescope National Facility, 1996.

Summary of Interests
Radio Spectroscopy of the Milky Way and other galaxies. [Research Web Page]

About My Work

Polarization of the Galactic non-thermal background; 21-cm Survey of the Southern Milky Way using the ATNF; 21-cm absorption through the Magellanic Clouds; 21-cm emission survey of the Hercules Cluster.

Also a member of IAU Commission 5.

Selected Publications

Whitney, B.A., Indebetouw, R., Babler, B.L., Meade, M.R., Watson, C., et al., “A Glimpse of Star Formation in the Giant H II Region RCW 49”, Ap. J. Supp [abstract]

Mercer, E.P., Clemens, D.P., Bania, T.M., Jackson, J.M., et al., Discovery of a Distant Star Formation Region using GLIMPSE", Ap.J. Supp [abstract]


Ph.D., Astronomy, Cornell University, 1997
M.S., Astrophysics, Cornell University, 1974
B.S., Physics, Stanford University, 1972