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Cole Kampa

PAN 450 (lab)
PAN 464 (lab)
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I am a third-year undergraduate student majoring in physics and minoring in math. I grew up in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area, and graduated from Altoona High School in 2015.

After graduation (May 2018), I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in experimental high energy physics.

Summary of Interests
High Energy Physics, Electronics/Instrumentation

About My Work


I am currently involved with the Mu2e experiment, which seeks to measure charged lepton flavor violation via the direct conversion of a muon to an electron. Production of the experiment's tracker is taking place at the Univ. of MN. My primary role in the experiment is the development of electronics and software used in preparing and testing the metalized mylar straws used in the tracker.


  • CHIPS (CHerenkov detectors in mine PitS) -- Prototyping and stress testing of photomultiplier tube housing modules
  • NOvA -- Investigation of cosmic ray identification in analysis algorithm
  • MINOS -- Decommissioning detector