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Mehdi Lamee

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About My Work

During my academic career I was lucky enough to be involved in multiple projects in both optical and radio astronomy.I am currently working on galaxy clusters radio halos and relics. I use NRAO Very Large Array interferometer to study the observed radio relics and suspected shock fronts as well as the diffuse synchrotron emission in the merging system Abell 2255.

Here is also a short list of my previous works:
- The de-polarization study of extragalactic radio objects and their magnetic field properties. We cross matched the Australian S-PASS survey at 2.3 GHz (conducted with Parkes radio telescope) and NRAO NVSS catalog at 1.4 GHz to make a de-polarization catalog of extragalactic radio sources.
- We used Subaru and Palomar optical telescopes, and studied the Lyman continuum ionizing radiation escape fraction of galaxies at redshift of z~3.3.
- My Masters thesis at Leiden University, The Netherlands, was about the properties of double-peaked emission line galaxies extracted from Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

More information can be find in my webpage.