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Huijing Li

PAN 424 (office), 6126247861
lixx5457 @


(1) My first work is about J/psi (psip)->pi+ pi- etap, using a partial wave analysis method to measure the branching fractions of each component. For J/psi->pi+ pi- etap, there are four components: rho, omega, rho(1450) and non-resonance. But for psip -> pi+ pi- etap, non-resonant and rho components are sufficient to describe the data. Hope it to be published in the next year.
(2) My second work is about D-> H H e+ e+, to search for heavy Majarano neutrino. We use three modes to do this analysis with a TRolke method to estimate the uplimit yield at 90% C.L.
(3) I also did some Ds/Lambda_c singly tag analysis


PHD in Grade 2 in IHEP