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Michael Schuett

Origin of DC and AC conductivity anisotropy in iron-based superconductors: Scattering rate versus spectral weight effects
Michael Schütt, Jörg Schmalian, and Rafael M. Fernandes, Phys. Rev. B

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To shed light on the transport properties of electronic nematic phases, we investigate the anisotropic properties of the AC and DC conductivities. Based on the analytical properties of the former, we show that the anisotropy of the effective scattering rate behaves differently than the actual scattering rate anisotropy and even changes sign as a function of temperature. Similarly, the effective spectral weight acquires an anisotropy even when the plasma frequency is isotropic. These results are illustrated by an explicit calculation of the AC conductivity due to the interaction between electrons and spin fluctuations in the nematic phase of the iron-based superconductors and shown to be in agreement with recent experiments.