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Priscilla Cushman

Muon g-2 constraints on SUSY dark matter reviewed and predicted
P. Cushman, New Astronomy Reviews Vol 49, Pages 125-131 (2005)

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Abstract A summary of experimental results and theoretical calculations related to the muon anomalous magnetic moment. Assuming that a discrepancy with the Standard Model is due to contributions from supersymmetric particles provides a framework which can be used to constrain the mass of the dark matter particles, assumed to be the lightest neutral supersymmetric particles. A new g-2 run in the near future, coupled with expected theoretical advances, would result in a 5σ discrepancy if the mean Δaμ remains the same. In this case, we would expect to see SUSY particles at the LHC and use the g-2 results to measure tan β. If, instead, the Standard Model is confirmed to this precision, gauginos must have masses higher than 500 GeV/c2 and simple SUSY dark matter models will be strained.