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Priscilla Cushman

Low Level Counting Infrastructure and Requirements.
P. Cushman, Deep Science (NSF DUSEL Initiative) (2006)

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Many experiments that will be performed at DUSEL require materials with very low trace radioactivity. This working group studied in detail the associated infrastructure required to perform assays of these materials, produce ultrapure materials, and participate in R&D on the next generation of higher sensitivity detectors for both screening and experiment. Members met during the Solicitation 1 Workshops, as well as two independently sponsored synergy workshops at PNL and Minnesota where members of the working group explored other applications in earth sciences, national security, and health sciences. The working group members and their affiliations are listed at the end of the report. The outline of what a low background counting facility would look like in the DUSEL era has been studied by subsets of this working group over the last decade in many contexts, most importantly in the previous Homestake NUSEL initiative, from which much of this information is gleaned.