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Congxin Qiu

Freudenthal Gauge Theory
Alessio Marrani, Cong-Xin Qiu, Sheng-Yu Darren Shih, Anthony Tagliaferro, Bruno Zumino, JHEP03(2013)132

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We present a novel gauge field theory, based on the Freudenthal Triple System (FTS), a ternary algebra with mixed symmetry (not completely symmetric) structure constants. The theory, named Freudenthal Gauge Theory (FGT), is invariant under two (off-shell) symmetries: the gauge Lie algebra constructed from the FTS triple product and a novel global non-polynomial symmetry, the so-called Freudenthal duality. Interestingly, a broad class of FGT gauge algebras is provided by the Lie algebras “of type e7 ” which occur as conformal symmetries of Euclidean Jordan algebras of rank 3, and as U -duality algebras of the corresponding (super)gravity theories in D = 4. We prove a No-Go Theorem, stating the incompatibility of the invariance under Freudenthal duality and the coupling to space-time vector and/or spinor fields, thus forbidding non-trivial supersymmetric extensions of FGT. We also briefly discuss the relation between FTS and the triple systems occurring in BLG-type theories, in particular focusing on superconformal Chern-Simons-matter gauge theories in D = 3.