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Dominick Rocco

PAN 332 (office), 624-0511
rocco @

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Summary of Interests
Neutrino oscillations, machine learning, deep neural networks

About My Work

I study neutrino oscillations with the NOvA experiment. NOvA is comprised of a neutrino beam that is aimed north from Fermilab in Illinois. There are two detectors in the beam, the Near Detector 1 km from the beam source, and the Far Detector 810 km away in Ash River, MN.

My current pursuit is to apply deep learning image classification techniques to NOvA data to better identify neutrino event types. NOvA data essentially provides two images of a particle interaction: a top view and a side view. Developments in deep neural networks have produced new techniques in automatic feature learning algorithms, especially convolutional neural networks. Applying these techniques to NOvA data could provide a more robust approach to classification of events.


B.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2010.