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Gordon Stecklein

PAN 225 (office), 612-624-8840
PAN 283 (lab), 612-626-9371
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About My Work

I study the fundamental physics of electron transport in ferromagnet-semiconductor heterostructures. For example, engineers and scientists who generate spin-polarized electron currents by passing a current through a magnetic contact, such as Iron, may be interested in the dynamics between the spins of these electrons and those of the material's nuclei. To understand this type of interaction, I fabricate nanoscale devices and test them in temperatures down to 10 K. I am drawn to this type of work because it combines real-world applications of quantum mechanics, 3-dimensional theoretical modeling, and opportunities for collaboration with other researchers.

Additional areas of interest: Work done outside of the lab in the past includes promoting science education for underrepresented students (e.g., undergraduate thesis "Bridging the Gender Gap in Quantum Physics") and renewable energy/clean technology research projects at Southern California Edison.


B.A., Pomona College, 2008