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Caner Unal

TATEH 301-08 (office)
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Summary of Interests
Cosmology and particle physics

About My Work

I try to understand the evolution and the constituents of our universe. My adviser is Marco Peloso.

Selected Publications

Juan Garcia-Bellido , Marco Peloso, Caner Unal , Gravitational waves at interferometer scales and primordial black holes in axion inflation, JCAP 1612 12, 031

Marco Peloso, Lorenzo Sorbo, Caner Unal, Rolling axions during inflation: perturbativity and signatures, JCAP 1609 09, 001

Ryo Namba, Marco Peloso, Maresuke Shiraishi, Lorenzo Sorbo, Caner Unal, Scale-dependent gravitational waves from a rolling axion, JCAP 1601 01, 041

Nicola Bartolo, Marco Peloso, Angelo Ricciardone, Caner Unal, The expected anisotropy in Solid Inflation, JCAP 1411 11, 009


B.S. Physics, Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, 2012
B.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, METU, Turkey, 2011