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Visitors in Physics & Astronomy

All phone numbers are in area code 612 unless otherwise noted.

 DescNameContact InfoAreas of Interest
Yang Lu
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
luxxx831 @
Xudong Zhao
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
zhao @
Walter Brisken
Senior Research Associate
PAN 351 (office), 612-301-2321
wbrisken @
Valentine John
valen296 @
tas.jpg Tigran Sedrakyan
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
PAN 225 (office), 612-301-1964
tigrans @
Condensed Matter
Thais Victa Trevisan
Researcher 5
TATEH 275-07 (office)
tvictatr @
Richard Schwarz
Associate Consultant
schwarz @
Raymond Bishop
Condensed Matter, Nuclear Physics
Noah Kurinsky
kurin001 @
100901_Neven1_small.jpg Neven Barisic
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
nbarisic @
Condensed Matter
Natsumi Nagata
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
WBOB 130-2 (office), 612-624-8335
nagat006 @
Morten Christensen
Post-Doctoral Associate
TATEH 130-22 (office)
mchrist @
Condensed Matter
Mike Kelsey
kelsey @
MyPic.jpg Michael Schuett
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
PAN 232 (office), 301-1154
mschuett @
Non-equilibrium properties and transport in critical, interacting and disordered many-body systems. Novel properties exhibited in materials when exposed to a rapidly changing environment.
Leyre Otano
otano @
Joshua Lynch
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
jlynch @ Space Physics
Joseph Moscatelli
PAN 420 (office)
mosca024 @
Jennifer Caskey
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
cask0001 @
Jennifer Kersten
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
kers0034 @
Jason Bono
Visiting Researcher 6
bono0013 @
Jamie Lindfors
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
lind0577 @
James Eckert
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
eckert @
12345.jpg Huijing Li
Research Collaborator
PAN 424 (office), 6126247861
lixx5457 @
Frank Barnett
Research Collaborator
barn0354 @
Florian Livet
livet001 @
Elias Lopez
elias.lopez @
Dominic Villanueva
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
villa213 @
Denis Wittor
stuf317 @
David Cerdeno
davidg.cerdeno @
Dalson Eloy Almeida
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
eloya001 @
Christopher Sheehy
Research Specialist
csheehy @
Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Ben Loer
Alexei Yung
TATEH 275-05 (office), 624-8335
ayung @
Particle Physics
Alex Turbiner
turbiner @
Alberto Benvenuti
Adjunct Professor
PAN 423 (office)
abenvenu @
Elementary particle interactions at the highest available energies and searches for "beyond the standard model" physics. Currently in the LHC CMS collaboration since 1992.
Alan (Koblar) Jackson
Research Collaborator
jackson @