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William Miller

NOvA Far Detector Lab (off-campus), 218-374-2400
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Assistant Lab Manager Soudan Underground Laboratory:1985-1988
Lab Manager Soudan Underground Laboratory:1988-Present
Lab Manager NOvA Far Detector Laboratory:2011-Present
Co-PI for NOvA Operations, DUNE-ProtoDUNE at CERN and Far Site Installation


Civil Service-Bargaining Unit Outstanding Performance Award 1992
University of Minnesota President’s Award for Outstanding service in 2012

About My Work

  • Lab Manager for the construction and operation of the Soudan 2 Proton Decay experiment from 1988-1997
  • Lead outreach contact for the University’s Underground Laboratory at Soudan, including a public summer visitor program, an open day for local residents, use of print and electronic media to explain basic research and to transmit the excitement of this research to the general public. Given 100’s of public presentations at community service clubs, public and private schools, local government agencies promoting the Soudan Underground Lab and NOvA Project.
  • Lead Liaison between the Soudan Underground Lab and the Soudan Underground Mine State Park for 30 years.
  • Deputy Level 2 manager for Assembly of the MINOS Detector-1996-2002, worked directly with Fermilab during the Conceptual and Technical Design of the MINOS Detector. Participant in all DOE Lehman reviews for approval and Underground oversight for the University of Minnesota during the civil construction of the MINOS Cavern
  • Managed and wrote the annual ~$1M operating budget for the Soudan Underground Lab with Fermi National Laboratory since 2001, this included both the large MINOS experiment and CDMS (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) and the Low Background Counting Facility which operates several smaller experiments.
  • Level 3 manager for Assembly of the NOvA Far Detector at Ash River. Have worked on the conceptual, technical and final design phases for the NOvA Project for 10 years. Participated in the assembly R & D effort over the past 3 years at Argonne National Lab and Fermilab.
  • On-Site representative for the Far Detector Assembly and the University of Minnesota during the civil construction of the NOvA Far Detector Building.
  • Managed and completed the assembly of the NOvA Far Detector 2010-2013
  • Co-PI for NOvA Operations, DUNE ProtoDUNE work at CERN
  • Installation Team Leader-ProtoDUNE at CERN 2017-2018
  • Active member of the MINOS, MINOS+, NOvA and DUNE Collaborations.