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Martin Greven
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Professor Martin Greven of the School of Physics and Astronomy has led a research effort that found a link between quantum oscillations and charge order in high temperature superconductors. Superconductivity is a quantum mechanical phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields that occurs in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.


LIGO does it again: gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes

Vuk Mandic

On December 26, 2015 at 03:38:53 UTC, scientists observed gravitational waves—ripples in the fabric of spacetime—for the second time. The gravitational waves were detected by both of the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors, located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, USA. More »

Zooniverse takes on Civil War crowdsourcing project

Lucy Fortson

Associate Professor Lucy Fortson, a leader in the Zooniverse project, has helped develop a crowdsourcing technology to spark curiosity and develop critical-thinking skills among students. The latest project will be to transcribe and decipher nearly 16,000 Civil War telegrams between Abraham Lincoln, his Cabinet, and officers of the Union Army. Roughly one-third of the messages were written in code. More »

Record breaking galaxy could reveal details of Big Bang

Evan Skiillman

University astrophysicist Evan Skillman was a lead researcher in a group that discovered the Little Lion Galaxy, which contains lowest level of heavy elements ever detected in a star-forming galaxy. More »

Gasiorowicz dies at 88

Stephen Gasiorowicz

Emeritus Professor Stephen Gasiorowicz died June 3rd, 2016. Stephen Gasiorowicz was instrumental in the founding of the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute and served as the Acting Director of the Institute from 1987-1989. The Institute named their seminar room after him. More »

Dehnhard dies at 82

Dieter Dehnhard

Emeritus Professor Karl Dietrich "Dieter" Dehnhard died May 20, after suffering a heart attack the previous week. More »


Monday, July 4th
Friday, August 5th
Tuesday, August 9th
11:00 am:
Giant cosmic tsunamis: accelerating electrons and galaxy evolution? —
Dr. Andra Stroe, European Southern Observatory
Monday, September 5th
Wednesday, September 7th
2:30 pm:
Max Metlitski, Perimeter Institute
Wednesday, September 14th
2:30 pm:
Condensed Matter Seminar in Physics PAN 110
Michael Hermele, University of Colorado at Boulder
Thursday, September 15th
3:35 pm:
To be announced. —
Vuk Mandic
Refreshments to be served outside 100 Smith Hall after the colloquium.
Friday, September 16th
12:30 pm:
2:30 pm:
See the listing for the SPA colloquium on Sept. 15th
Thursday, September 22nd
3:35 pm:
To be announced. —
Lucy Fortson
Refreshments to be served outside 100 Smith Hall after the colloquium.
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