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Kakalios made Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science

James Kakalios Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy, College of Science and Engineering was elected in the Section on Physics "for distinguished contributions to the field of condensed matter and materials physics, particularly for experimental studies of amorphous semiconductors, and for innovative efforts in science communication."

National and International Awards

    Blaise Pascal Chair
    Mikhail Shifman (2008)

    Fritz London Memorial Prize- IUPAP
    Allen Goldman (2002)

    Hannes Alfvén Medal of the European Geosciences Union
    Robert Lysak (2014)

    Herzberg Medal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, 1985
    Serge Rudaz (1985)

    Humboldt Research Award
    Alexander Grosberg (2006)
    Charles Campbell (1981)
    Mikhail Shifman (1993)

    J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Yong-Zhong Qian (1998-1999)

    Julius Wess Award from KCETA in Karlsruhe, Germany
    Arkady Vainshtein (2014)

    Landau Prize of Academy of Sciences of USSR
    Boris Shklovskii (1986)

    Lilienfeld Prize
    Mikhail Shifman (2006)

    NASA Medial for Exceptional Scientific Achievement
    Robert Pepin (1971)

    Oliver E. Buckley Prize in Condensed Matter Physics
    Allen Goldman (2014)

    National Academy of Science
    Allen Goldman (2007)

    Pais Prize
    Roger Stuewer (2013)

    Pomeranchuk Prize, ITEP, Moscow
    Arkady Vainshtein (2005)

    Sakurai Prize
    Mikhail Shifman (1999)
    Arkady Vainshteinn (1999)
    Mikhail Voloshin (2001)

    Sofia Kovalevskaja Award
    Marco Peloso (2007-2010)

    USSR Academy of Sciences Medal and Award
    Mikhail Voloshin (1983)


    AAAS Fellow
    Priscilla Cushman (20140)
    Dan Dahlberg (1995)
    Robert Gehrz (1995)
    Allen Goldman (1982)
    Ken Heller (2013)
    Roberta Humphreys (1980)
    Jim Kakalios (2013)
    Joseph Kapusta (2003)
    Marvin Marshak (2014)
    Allen Shapiro (1988)

    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
    Daniel Cronin-Hennessy (2006-2010)
    Paul Crowell (1999-2001)
    Dan Dahlberg (1981-1985)
    Allen Goldman (1966-1970)
    Martin Greven (1999-2001)
    Alex Kamenev (2004-2008)
    Ronald Poling (1988-1992)

    American Geophysical Union Fellow
    Cynthia Cattell (2008)
    Paul Kellogg (2004)
    Robert Lysak (2011)
    Robert Pepin (1993)

    APS Fellow
    Benjamin Bayman (1984)
    Charles E. Campbell (1991)
    Cynthia Cattell (2010)
    Paul Crowell (2008)
    Priscilla Cushman (2013)
    Dan Dahlberg (1996)
    Robert Gehrz (2004)
    Leonid Glazman (1997)
    Allen Goldman (1984)
    Martin Greven (2007)
    Alexander Grosberg (2004)
    J. Woods Halley (1998)
    Shaul Hanany (2012)
    Alexander Heger (2010)
    Kenneth Heller (1995)
    Cheng-Cher Huang (1993)
    Michel Janssen (2012)
    Thomas W. Jones (2013)
    Alexander Kamenev (2013)
    Joseph Kapusta (1992)
    Paul Kellogg (1960)
    Robert Lysak (2013)
    Marvin Marshak (2004)
    Keith A. Olive (2003)
    Ronald Poling (1998)
    Serge Rudaz (1995)
    Mikhail Shifman (1997)
    Boris Shklovskii (1994)
    Arkady Vainshtein (1997)
    Oriol Valls (1998)
    Jorge Viñals (2013)
    Mikhail Voloshin (1997)
    William Zimmerman, Jr. (1998)

    Bush Fellowship
    J. Woods Halley (1983-1984)

    Cottrell Scholar
    Cynthia Cattell (1997)

    David W. Morrisroe Fellow, California Institute of Technology
    Yong-Zhong Qian (1995-1998)

    Fellow of the Geochemical Society and European Association for Geochemisty
    Robert Pepin (2007)

    Fellow of the Meteoritical Society
    Robert Pepin (1980)

    Fulbright Fellow, Institute for Teoretisk Fysik, Denmark
    Paul Kellogg (1954-1955)

    Honorary RAS Fellow
    Roberta Humphreys (2014)

    Miller Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
    Oriol Valls (1977-1978)

    Millikan Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
    Vuk Mandic (2004-2007)

    NSF Postdoctoral Fellow- University of Paris, Orsay
    J. Woods Halley (1965-1966)

    NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award
    Keith A. Olive (1987-1994)
    James Kakalios (1990-1995)
    Serge Rudaz (1984-1991)

    NRC-NAS Fellow Naval Research Laboratory
    Paul Kellogg (1955-1956)

Other Awards

    APS Dwight Nicholson Medal for Outreach
    Dan Dahlberg (2014)

    APS Outstanding Referee Award
    Allen M. Goldman (2008)
    Alexander Grosberg (2008)
    C. C. Huang (2008)
    Mikhail Voloshin (2008)

    Clifford C. Furnas Memorial Award of the University of Buffalo
    Ronald Poling (1998)

    Department of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator
    Yong-Zhong Qian (2000-2004)

    Department of Energy Early Career Research Grant
    Rafael Fernandes (2014)

    Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards
    Fiona Burnell (2014)
    Cynthia Cattell (1995)
    Paul Crowell (1998)
    Martin Greven (2000)
    Michael Zudov (2006)

    Presidents Award for Outstanding Service, University of Minnesota
    Jerry Meier (2014)