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Dark Sector Lab__BICEP2.jpg

When Gravity Rocked the Universe

Right after its birth in the Big Bang, the infant universe threw the mother of all tantrums. In an instant it ballooned from smaller than an atomic nucleus to something much larger than its currently observable size. (Yes, the universe is bigger than we can currently observe.) More »

Dark Sector Lab__BICEP2.jpg

First Results from BICEP2 CMB Telescope

The first results from the BICEP2 CMB telescope will be presented on a special web cast on Monday, March 17 at 10:45-11:30 EDT. Minnesota is a major contributor to BICEP2, under the leadership of Professor Clem Pryke. The webcast will begin with a presentation 10:45-11:30 EDT, followed by a news conference 12:00-1:00 EDT. More »

Dan Dahlberg

Dahlberg wins APS Nicholson Medal

Professor Dan Dahlberg won the 2013 Dwight Nicholson Medal for Outreach. Dahlberg received the award from the American Physical Society "For his unique activities in conveying to the general public the excitement and value of physics predominantly through the development and continued leadership of the program The Physics Force."

The last dtector module is put into place by the block pivoter

The Last Block: NOvA far detector complete

The last piece of the NOvA far detector was put into place at 4:55 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25th. The far detector consists of thousands of modules filled with liquid scintillator. The NOvA far-detector is the world's largest free-standing PVC structure. More »

Evan Skillman and Kristen McQuinn

Time Capsule of the Big Bang

Using one of the world's premier telescopes, University of Minnesota astrophysicists Evan Skillman and Kristen McQuinn have discovered a priceless relic of the Big Bang in the Milky Way's back yard. More »


At the Crossroads

Professor Mikhail Shifman, recent Pomeranchuk prize winner, says that particle physicists are experiencing a crucial time. And he ought to know. Shifman has written several books on the history of elementary particle physics. "We are at a crossroads, we will go to the left or to the right or nowhere" Shifman says, referring to the fact that supersymmetry, the theory that states that there are superpartners for every known particle, has not yet been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider. More »

Scholarships and Awards for Undergraduate Majors in Physics and Astrophysics

Application deadline: March 14, 2014
Apply now! More »

NOvA far-detector in Ash River Minnesota

NOvA experiment sees first long-distance neutrinos

Scientists on the world’s longest-distance neutrino experiment have seen their first neutrinos. The NUMI Off-Axis electron neutrino Appearance, or NOvA, experiment consists of two huge particle detectors placed 500 miles apart, and its job is to explore the properties of an intense beam of ghostly particles called neutrinos.Neutrinos are abundant in nature, but they very rarely interact with other matter. Studying them could yield crucial information about the early moments of the universe. More »


Van Vleck Lecture: Don Gurnett -- Voyager’s journey to interstellar space

After a journey of more than 36 years a spacecraft, Voyager 1, has for the first time crossed the heliopause into interstellar space. In his talk Professor Don Gurnett of the University of Iowa will review some of the great achievements of the planetary phase of the Voyager mission, often called the “The Grand Tour of the Outer Planets,” and describe the long quest to reach the heliopause and cross into interstellar space. The lecture is at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 6th at the University of Minnesota Tate Laboratory of Physics, Room 150, 116 Church Street Street SE, Minneapolis. More »

Alex Kamanev

Kamenev named APS Fellow

Professor Alex Kamanev was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society for "for advancing the methods of quantum kinetic theory."

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