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Andersson made PIRA president

School of Physics and Astronomy Assistant Education Specialist Brian Andersson was recently made president of the Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) at the 2007 American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) summer meeting. More »

Compton receives award for presentation

Rob Compton (Research Associate, physics) was the winner of the Best Student Presentation Award at the 10th Joint Intermag/MMM Connference in Baltimore for his presentation "Dynamic Depinning of Magnetic Vortices." More »

Shifman named Blaise Pascal Chair

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Mikhail Shifman has been named a 2007 Blaise Pascal Chair by the Foundation of the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) in Paris, France. More »

Kakalios comments on bridge collapse

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Jim Kakalios was interviewed by the media about the I-35W bridge collapse and physics explanations of why so many people survived the calamity. The compression of the bridge supports and slow rush hour traffic speeds helped save people's lives. More »


Bridge collapses close to Physics Tandem Laboratory

The I-35W bridge that collapsed Wednesday, August 1st was in proximity to the School of Physics and Astronomy’s Tandem Laboratory. Professor Roger Rusack said that parts of the bridge came down on the Tandem’s loading dock. There were no University staff, faculty or students in the laboratory at the time of the collapse. More »

Understanding Graphene

Graphene is the name given to a single layer of densley packed carbon atoms, and is of great interest because of its unique electronic properties. More »

Caught Between a Rock and Soft Place

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor James Kakalios provided some commentary on the recent Spiderman movie, which was especially fitting since it's villain, the Sandman, falls into one of Kakalios' areas of research expertise: granular materials. More »

2007 Student Awards

The School of Physics and Astronomy Student awards were presented at the final colloquium of the semester. More »

James Kakalios

Hear Kakalios on NPR

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor James Kakalios appeared on National Public Radio's Week-end Edition Sunday, June 17th to discuss the physics of Sandman, the villain in the new Spiderman movie. More »

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

Jean-Francois Dufaux, University of Toronto will deliver a lunch seminar on Thursday June 14th at 12:15 p.m. in Room 435 physics. The title of his talk is, "Stochastic gravitational wave background from preheating after inflation." More »

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