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J. Morris Blair Scholarship


In honor of Professor Blair, an experimental nuclear physicist who was a Minnesota Ph.D. alumnus and a member of our faculty for more than forty years

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Jesse Grindstaff

Grindstaff wins 2017 Blair Award

Jesse Grindstaff won the 2017 Morris J. Blair Scholarship. He is from Chaska, Minnesota. He plans to use the scholarship to help pay for his tuition so that he can continue to study physics. His research is in computational physics, doing monte carlo simulations of complex systems.

Ryan Schmitz

Schmitz wins 2016 Blair Scholarship

Ryan Schmitz won the 2016 J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.

Lange wins 2016 Blair Scholarship

Jack Lange won the 2016 J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.

2015 Kyle Crocker

Kyle Crocker won the 2015 J. Morris Blair Scholarship. His research focuses on gravitational wave detection and his advisor is Professor Vuk Mandic. He plans to use the monetary part of my award to help pay for school. He is originally from Chippewa Falls, WI.


2014 Ian Jaeger

Ian won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship. His research involves the reduction and characterization of galactic spectra for Professor Claudia Scarlata. Ian is determining these galaxies' metallicities and analyzing their spectral line ratios to learn about their evolutionary properties. He will use the scholarship to help fund next year's tuition. Ian is originally from Crystal, MN.

Brandon Bergerud

2013 Brandon Bergerud

Brandon Bergerud is originally from Fergus Falls Minnesota. He has worked with Prof. Rudnick on a couple projects dealing with radio galaxies and looking for the 10^5 K gas component in galaxy clusters. He will be participating in a REU program at Bucknell University this summer looking for brown dwarfs and extra-solar planets. Brandon plans on using the award for studying abroad at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology during the coming academic year.

Andrew Emerick

2012 Andrew Emerick

Andrew Emerick won the 2012 J. Morris Blair Scholarship. His research is in the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters first with Lawrence Rudnick and currently with Tom Jones. He is currently studying the evolution of the magnetic field contained within the diffuse gas that is present throughout a given galaxy cluster. He plans to use his award money to pay for tuition next year. He is originally from Dearborn, MI, but his family now lives in Katy, TX.


2011 Alex Walter

Alex Walter won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.


2010 Bjorn Berntson

Bjorn Berntson won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics. He is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Bjorn's main research is in the Halley group involving mathematical and computational modeling of condensed matter systems. Bjorn plans to use the scholarship money toward tuition for the final year.

Adam Pieterick

2008 Adam Pieterick

Adam Pieterick won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship. He is student focused on solid state physics and will be working this summer on liquid crystals. Adam plans to apply his award money toward next year's tuition. He is originally from Altoona, Wisconsin.

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