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Physics Department Users

For departmental users, logging in gives access to more resources, such as private documentation, directory information, or software downloads. You can also update your own directory information (home address, phone numbers, etc). If you have trouble accessing any area, check your login status.

All University of Minnesota Users

Logging into the web site gives you access to some additional resources, such as copyrighted materials which aren't available to the world at large.

Problems logging in

If you can't log in at all, first check our cookie test page. If that doesn't help, trying another browser (for example, Firefox instead of Internet Explorer) will often make the login succeed.

If that doesn't help, call 1-HELP and ask if your internet account is blocked for any reason. University of Minnesota OIT Security will sometimes block accounts from login to the wireless network or modem pool (if they detect a virus infection, for example), and this block will also affect login to our web site.

If you still have problems, contact us. We need to know your University Internet ID, what browser you're using, and what the 1-HELP helpdesk had to say.

General Computing Help

Information regarding physics computing resources can be found in the Computer Support section of the Physics Intranet.