University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 1201W.100

Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I

Session: Fall 2017 (9/05-12/13)
Instructor: Aaron Wynveen (e-mail: wynveen @
Time: 1010 MTWF
Location: Tate Hall B50
Office Hours:

Prof. Wynveen's Office Hours:
Mondays, 12:20-1:10, in Tate 110;
Wednesdays, 11:15-12:05, in Akerman Hall 211

Teaching Assistant Office Hours (held in Tate B25):
Nathan Bosch: Mondays at 9:05-9:55 and Wednesdays at 2:30-3:20
James Etheridge: Mondays at 11:15-12:05
Michael Kreshchuk: Thursdays at 12:20-1:10
Mengqun Li: Thursdays at 5:45-6:35
Jake Novotny: Mondays at 3:35-4:25
Minh Nguyen: Thursdays at 9:05-9:55
Hsiu-Chung Yeh: Wednesdays at 9:05-9:55
NOTE: All tutors in B25, whether they teach 1201 or not, should be able to help you.

Fundamental principles of physics. Description of motion, forces, conservation principles, structure of matter. Applications to mechanical systems, including fluids, waves, heat. Lab.

prereq: [High school or college calculus], trigonometry, algebra

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