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Phys 5002.001

Quantum Mechanics II

HW #4
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HW due 3/1: exercises 15.2.2, 15.2.3, 15.2.4, 15.2.5

Discussion (2/15)
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HW #3
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Discussion (2/8)
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Quiz 1 (F 2/16)
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Quiz 1 will take place in Rapson 31 from 9:05 to 9:55 am on Friday, February 16.

Please note that the quiz room is different from the lecture or discussion room.

The quiz covers Chapters 13 and 14.1-14.4 with emphasis on materials presented in lectures and discussion sessions.

It has 2 problems similar to discussion and homework problems. It is of closed-book and closed-notes format. Only non-programmable calculators may be used.

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Discussion (2/1)
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HW #2
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Discussion (1/25)
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HW #1
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Discussion (1/18)
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Quiz Room
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Due to required every other seating, quizzes will be held in Rapson 31.