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Introduction to Research Seminar

Carolyn Bishoff Data Management
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Nancy Sims Copyright Info
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Some additional follow-up links:

Copyright and your scholarship - (includes a link to the UMN ownership policies I touched on)
Information and ideas for actively managing your copyrights - (includes a link to the Sherpa/RoMEO database that tracks publisher policies on re-sharing publications)
Info on copyright issues for instructors - and the specific policy on instructors needing to make informed and reasonable choices, but getting University backing if they do so -
General info on fair use -
And because people asked about it, info on the public domain (technical term for works in which the copyright either expired, or never existed in the first place) - (includes a link to the detailed technical chart I mentioned on the complexities of figuring out if a 20th-century published work is in the public domain.)

Copyright_Triage_(Acad_Ethics_focus)-April2018.pdf | Download posted 18-Apr-2018 at 7:42PM

Career panel info
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Plan for Phys 5980, Spring 2018
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