University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

semester, 2018

Friday, January 26th 2018
Speaker: Jorn Kersten (Bergen U., Norway)
Subject: Late Kinetic Decoupling and Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Friday, February 2nd 2018
Speaker: Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (Bergen U., Norway)
Subject: How multi-Higgs Physics Could Uncover the Nature of Flavour
Friday, February 9th 2018
Speaker: Robert Lasenby (Perimeter)
Subject: Searching for Weakly Coupled New Particles with Stellar Cooling
Friday, February 16th 2018
Speaker: No seminar this week
Friday, February 23rd 2018
Speaker: Daniel Chung (U. Wisconsin, Madison)
Subject: Searching for Axionic Blue Isocurvature Perturbations
Friday, March 2nd 2018
Speaker: Andrew Spray, (IBS, Daejon, Korea)
Subject: Constraints and Phenomenology of Semi-Annihilating Dark Matter
Friday, March 9th 2018
Speaker: Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois U.)
Subject: Quasi-fixed points from scalar sequestering in supersymmetry
Friday, March 16th 2018
SPRING BREAK - No seminar this week
Friday, March 23rd 2018
Speaker: Gokce Basar (U. Illinois, Chicago)
Subject: Going with the flow: a solution to the sign problem
Friday, March 30th 2018
Speaker: Hooman Davoudiasl (Brookhaven)
Subject: Long Range Dark Matter Forces and New Views on Old Problems
Friday, April 6th 2018
Speaker: Elena Caceres (U. Texas, Austin)
Subject: Rotating Traversable Wormholes
Friday, April 13th 2018
Speaker: Kristian Jensen (San Francisco State U.)
Subject: A Zoo of Bosonization Dualities
Friday, April 20th 2018
Speaker: Nobuchika Okada (U. Alabama)
Subject: SU(5) x U(1)_X grand unification with Minimal Seesaw and Z′-portal dark matter
Friday, April 27th 2018
Speaker: Mustafa Amin (Rice U)
Subject: Inflation Ends, What’s next ?
Friday, May 4th 2018
Speaker: Yanou Cui (U. California, Riverside)
Subject: Cosmic Archaeology with Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings
Wednesday, May 23rd 2018
Friday, September 14th 2018
Friday, September 21st 2018
Speaker: Edward Shuryak, State University of New York, Stony Brook; Mithat Ünsal, North Carolina State University; Zohar Komargodski, Weizmann Institute of Science; Cédric Deffayet, Institut d'astrophysique
Friday, September 28th 2018
Speaker: Vladimir Rosenhaus (KITP)
Friday, October 5th 2018
Speaker: Daniel Harlow (MIT)
Subject: TBA
Friday, October 12th 2018
Friday, October 19th 2018
Speaker: reserved
Subject: TBA
Friday, October 26th 2018
Speaker: reserved
Subject: TBA
Friday, November 2nd 2018
Friday, November 9th 2018
Speaker: Keisuke Harigaya (IAS, Princeton)
Subject: TBA
Friday, November 16th 2018
Speaker: Alba Grassi (SCGP Stony Brook)
Friday, November 23rd 2018
Friday, November 30th 2018
Speaker: Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis)
Friday, December 7th 2018

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