University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

Fall Semester

Friday, September 14th 2018
No seminar this week.
Friday, September 21st 2018
No seminar this week.
Friday, September 28th 2018
Speaker: Vladimir Rosenhaus (KITP)
Friday, October 5th 2018
Speaker: Daniel Harlow (MIT)
Subject: TBA
Friday, October 12th 2018
Speaker: Bhupal Dev (Washington U.)
Subject: New Physics at Neutrino Telescopes
Friday, October 19th 2018
Speaker: Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique)
Subject: TBA
Friday, October 26th 2018
Speaker: Steven Gubser (Princeton)
Subject: From p-adic AdS/CFT to prospects in cold atoms
Friday, November 2nd 2018
Speaker: Anson Hook (U. Maryland)
Subject: TBA
Friday, November 9th 2018
Speaker: Keisuke Harigaya (IAS, Princeton)
Subject: TBA
Friday, November 16th 2018
Speaker: Alba Grassi (SCGP Stony Brook)
Friday, November 23rd 2018
Friday, November 30th 2018
Speaker: Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis)
Friday, December 7th 2018
Speaker: K. S. Babu (Oklahoma State U.)
Subject: TBA

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