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Friday, April 13th 2018
12:20 pm:
Speaker: Zhen Jiang, University of Minnesota
Subject: The temperature and doping dependence of the inverse spin Hall effect in GaAs

The study of spintronics includes 3 tasks: the generation, manipulation and detection of spin polarization. The inverse spin Hall effect(ISHE), which converts pure spin currents to electric currents, is an important way to detect spin accumulation. Although it has been used widely, its origins are not necessarily understood. For example, the ISHE in GaAs has been found to be surprisingly large in n-GaAs(doped with Si), and at low temperatures it is very sensitive to hyperfine fields. In this talk, I will present my measurements on devices with channels of varying doping at different temperatures. The goal of this experiment is to study the ISHE in a regime where the complications of hyperfine interactions are absent.

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