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Week of Monday, April 21st 2014

Monday, April 21st 2014
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Alberto Dominguez, University of California, Riverside
Subject: The measurement of the expansion rate of the Universe from gamma-ray attenuation
Faculty Host: Lucy Fortson
4:40 pm:
Senior Honors Thesis in 236A Physics
Speaker: Ryan Frink, University of Minnesota
Subject: Superconducting fluctuations in the high-Tc cuprate superconductor LSCO
Tuesday, April 22nd 2014
11:15 am:
Nuclear Physics Seminar in 435 Physics
Speaker: Menquan Liu, University of Minnesota
Subject: Electron Capture in Type II Supernovae and npe┬▒ System
12:20 pm:
Speaker: Gaurav Shukla, University of Minnesota
Subject: High Temperature Elasticity of Iron and Aluminum-bearing MgSiO3 Perovskite: A First Principles Study
12:20 pm:
Space Physics Seminar in 210 Physics
There will be no seminar this week so that group members can attend Scott Thaller's thesis defense.
2:30 pm:
Biophysics Seminar in 210 Physics
There will be no seminar this week.
3:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in 435 Physics
Speaker: Scott Thaller, University of Minnesota
Subject: The storm time evolution in the night-side, high-altitude, field-aligned wave Poynting flux and its relation to low altitude downward electron kinetic energy flux at low latitudes.
Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
3:35 pm:
There will be no Colloquium this week due to the PAN Grand Opening
4:40 pm:
Thesis Defense in 236A Physics
Speaker: Noah Trebesch, University of Minnesota
Subject: A Computational Method for Investigating Bifurcations in Oscillatory Biochemical Reaction Networks
Thursday, April 24th 2014
11:00 am:
Grand Opening Open House in Physics and Nanotechnology Building
Session I of the open house runs from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Session II runs from 4-7 p.m.
Speaker: Kyle Dolan and Claudia Scarlata
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Xingang Chen (Cambridge, DAMTP)
Subject: "Standard Clock in Primordial Density Perturbations and Cosmic Microwave Background"
Speaker: Ilana Percher / Quentin Ebner (University of Minnesota)
Subject: Using Dissipation to Tune Superconductivity in Ultra Thin Films / Observation of Microwave Induced Resistance Oscillations in 2D Hole Ge/SiGe Heterostructures
There will be no seminar this week.
Friday, April 25th 2014
Speaker: Dr. Aline Kiessling, JPL
Subject: Measuring Dark Energy to 1% Accuracy Using Cosmological Simulations
3:35 pm:
Speaker: Richard Zach, Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary
Subject: "Carnap and Logic in the 1920s and 1930s"
Refreshments served in Room 275 Nicholson Hall at 3:15 p.m.
3:35 pm:
Speaker: Brita L. Nellermoe, University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas
Subject: PER Research Methods and Current Research Overview
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Greg Pawloski, University of Minnesota
Subject: Ethics in Research, Part 1

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