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Alberto Benvenuti

PAN 423 (office)
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Summary of Interests
Elementary particle interactions at the highest available energies and searches for "beyond the standard model" physics. Currently in the LHC CMS collaboration since 1992.

About My Work

1964 "Laurea in Fisica" University of Florence Italy

1969 PhD. University of Minnesota

1969-1977 University of Wisconsin, Madison

1978-1981 CERN Staff member

= 1981-1992 Research Scientist of "Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare" at Bologna, Italy
= 1993-2014 Dirigente diRicerca of "Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare" at Bologna, Italy

Major Experiments

1971-1977 neutrino and antineutrino interactions at Fermilab

Experiment E1a and E310 (Harvard Pennsylvania Wisconsin Fermilab Collaboration)
First evidence for weak neutral current interactions
First observation of interactions with di-muon production
First observation of interactions with tri-muon production

1981-1985 muon Deep Inelastic Scattering at CERN

SPS Experiment NA4 (Bologna CERN Dubna Munich Saclay Collaboration)
Measurement of the F2 structure functions (still used in the "Particle Physics Book")
Evidence for photon- Z0 interference from mu+ and mu- DIS interactions
Study of nuclear effects in DIS with different target materials
Measurement of mu+ and mu- energy loss in iron

1985-1991 Study of electron positron collisions at SLAC

SLD Experiment at SLAC Linear Collider

1991 - 2000 Study of electron positron collisions at CERN

DELPHI experiment at LEP and LEP2

1992 Present

CMS Collaboration at LHC


Design and prototypes of the Barrel muon chambers with Drift Tube Chambers
Design and testing of the Installation tooling
Design of the DTC assembly tools

2000 - 2007

DTC construction and testing at Assembly sites
DTC "dressing" and testing at CERN (ISR)
DTC Installation in CMS (Surface area SX5)
DTC Commissioning at SX5
DTC Lowering to UX5
DTC Installation completion in UX5
HV, LV supplies and Electronics installation in UX5 and UX2

2008 -

DTC system test and commissioning with cosmics in UX5
Detector Control System completion

2000 - 2005

1992 - present