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Michael S. Gordon

TATEH 201-02 (office)
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About My Work

I am currently collaborating with NASA/STScI on an infrared multi-object spectrograph to be installed on one of the telescopes at Kitt Peak/Mount Hopkins. My science goals are identifying and studying Luminous Blue Variable (LBV) stars, rare and massive evolved objects that are characterized by dramatic changes in brightness.

Selected Publications

Humphreys, Roberta M.; Gordon, Michael S.; Martin, John C.; Weis, Kerstin; Hahn, David, Luminous and Variable Stars in M31 and M33. IV. Luminous Blue Variables, Candidate LBVs, B[e] Supergiants, and the Warm Hypergiants: How to Tell Them Apart, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Gordon, Michael S.; Jones, Terry J.; Gehrz, Robert D.; Helton, L. Andrew, Massive Star Formation in the LMC. I. N159 and N160 Complexes, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

Gordon, Michael S.; Humphreys, Roberta M.; Jones, Terry J., Luminous and Variable Stars in M31 and M33. III. The Yellow and Red Supergiants and Post-red Supergiant Evolution, The Astrophysical Journal [abstract]

J.L. Sievers et al., The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Cosmological parameters from three seasons of data, JCAP (submitted 1/4/2013)

A.G. Vieregg et al., Optical Characterization of the Keck Array Polarimeter at the South Pole, SPIE. Volume 8452 (2012)


A.B. Astrophysics, Princeton University, 2011.