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Jianping Wang

Spin transfer in nanomagnetic devices with perpendicular anisotropy
H. Meng and J. P. Wang, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 88 (17): 172506 (2006)

Download from doi:10.1063/1.2198797


Spin momentum transfer in a nanomagnetic device with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for both free and fixed magnetic layers is studied. The perpendicular anisotropy is induced by using CoFe/Pt multilayer. The magnetoresistive loop shows that the perpendicular switching fields for the free and fixed layers are 170 and 380 Oe, respectively, with ΔR/R = 0.47%. Resistance-current scanning clearly shows a full out-of-plane switching of the free layer magnetization under a sweeping current, which fully excludes the effect of switching by the magnetic field generated by the current. The critical current density is around 1.0×108 A/cm2, which could be tuned by changing the CoFe/Pt multilayer structures.