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Jianping Wang

A Spintronics Full Adder for Magnetic CPU
H. Meng, J. Wang, and J. P. Wang, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 26, 360 (2005)

Download from DOI: 10.1109/LED.2005.848129


Spintronics devices are based on the up or down spin of the electrons rather than on electrons or holes as in the traditional semiconductor electronics devices. Magnetic processors using spintronics devices in principle are much faster and with the potential features of nonvolatile, lower power consumption and higher integration density compared with transistor-based microprocessor. Full adder is one of the most important basic units of the arithmetic/logic unit for any processors. The design of the full adder determines the speed and chip-density of a processor. In this paper, a novel spintronics full adder is proposed based on novel programmable spintronics logic devices. Only seven magnetic tunnel junction elements are needed for this full adder design.