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Boris Shklovskii

“Model of large volumetric capacitance in graphene supercapacitors based on ion clustering”
Brian Skinner, M. M. Fogler, and B. I. Shklovskii , Phys. Rev. B 84, 235133 (2011)

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Electric double-layer supercapacitors (SCs) are promising devices for high-power energy storage based on the reversible absorption of ions into porous conducting electrodes. Graphene is a particularly good candidate for the electrode material in SCs due to its high conductivity and large surface area. In this paper, we consider SC electrodes made from a stack of graphene sheets with randomly inserted spacer molecules. We show that the large volumetric capacitances C≳100 F/cm3 observed experimentally can be understood as a result of collective intercalation of ions into the graphene stack and the accompanying nonlinear screening by graphene electrons that renormalizes the charge of the ion clusters.