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Thomas Walsh

TATEH 375-22 (office), 624-1371
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Head of the theory division, Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY, main contributor to collaboration of the theory program of the Nils Bohr Institute and DESY, 1981-83.
Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota 1983-present
Founding scientific director, Minnesota Supercomputer Institute 1984-1987.
Developed and installed with colleagues the first campus wide local area network connected to the supercomputer institute and the national net, 1985-87.
George Taylor Service Award, 1987

Summary of Interests
Phenomenology of Quantum Chromodynamics and the Standard Model; Lattice Gauge Theory; Astroparticle Physics; Energy Sources in 2100

About My Work

My main work was on the phenomenology of quantum chromodynamics while at DESY. Subjects of my work there were:

(1) Inelastic electron photon scattering. I authored one of the two original papers on this subject and later ones with colleagues on QCD and the photon structure functions.
(2) Gluon jets in quarkonium decay.
(3) Gluon jet events in electron photon collisions. A paper with my colleagues was the predictive basis for the DESY discovery of the gluon.

Subsequent work was on astroparticle physics, particularly on magnetic monopoles and strings in gauge theories and their consequences. Later I worked with colleagues on calculations of exotic particle production and decay.

A long collaboration with colleagues, mostly while at the Supercomputer Institute, was on lattice QCD.

More recently, I have become interested in the coming decline in available fossil carbon energy and what will replace it. This has led to a series of small books at

Selected Publications

T. F. Walsh, Inelastic Electron-Photon Scattering, Phys. Lett 36B (1971)121

T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, Two Photon Processes in the Parton Model, Phys. Lett. 443 (1973) 195

K. Koller, T.F. Walsh, Three Gluon Jets as a Test of QCD, Phys. Lett. 72B (1977) 47

P. Hoyer, P. Osland, H.G. Sander, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, Quantum Chromodynamics and Jets in Electron Positron Annihilation, Nucl. Phys. B161 (1979) 349

G. Lazarides, Q. Shafi, T.F. Walsh, Cosmic Strings and Domains in Unified Theories, Nucl. Phys. B195 (1982)

J. Ohnemus, S. Rudaz, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, Single leptoquark production at hadron colliders, Phys. Lett. B334 (1994) 203

J. Ohnemus, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, “Gamma Gamma Production of Nonstrongly Interacting SUSY Particles at Hadron Colliders”, Phys. Lett. (1994)

K.D. Born, E. Laerman, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, “Spin Dependence of the Heavy Quark Potential”, Phys. Lett. (1994)

K.D. Born, E. Laermann, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, “The Interquark Potential: A Lattice QCD Analysis”, Phys. Lett. (1994)

K.D. Born,, E. Laermann, N. Pirch, T.F. Walsh, P.M. Zerwas, “Hadron Properties in Lattice QCD with Dynamical Fermions”, Phys. Rev. (1989)


B.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1962.
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1966.