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Visitors in Physics & Astronomy

All phone numbers are in area code 612 unless otherwise noted.

Name AscContact InfoAreas of Interest
100901_Neven1_small.jpg Neven Barisic
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
nbarisic @
Condensed Matter
Frank Barnett
Research Collaborator
barn0354 @
Alberto Benvenuti
Adjunct Professor
PAN 423 (office)
abenvenu @
Elementary particle interactions at the highest available energies and searches for "beyond the standard model" physics. Currently in the LHC CMS collaboration since 1992.
Raymond Bishop
Condensed Matter, Nuclear Physics
Jason Bono
Visiting Researcher 6
bono0013 @
Walter Brisken
Senior Research Associate
PAN 351 (office), 612-301-2321
wbrisken @
Jennifer Caskey
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
cask0001 @
David Cerdeno
davidg.cerdeno @
Morten Christensen
Post-Doctoral Associate
TATEH 130-22 (office)
mchrist @
Condensed Matter
James Eckert
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
eckert @
Dalson Eloy Almeida
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
eloya001 @
Alan (Koblar) Jackson
Research Collaborator
jackson @
Valentine John
valen296 @
Mike Kelsey
kelsey @
Jennifer Kersten
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
kers0034 @
Noah Kurinsky
kurin001 @
12345.jpg Huijing Li
Research Collaborator
PAN 424 (office), 6126247861
lixx5457 @
Jamie Lindfors
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
lind0577 @
Florian Livet
livet001 @
Ben Loer
Elias Lopez
elias.lopez @
Yang Lu
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
luxxx831 @
Joshua Lynch
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
jlynch @ Space Physics
Joseph Moscatelli
PAN 420 (office)
mosca024 @
Natsumi Nagata
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
WBOB 130-2 (office), 612-624-8335
nagat006 @
Leyre Otano
otano @
MyPic.jpg Michael Schuett
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
PAN 232 (office), 301-1154
mschuett @
Non-equilibrium properties and transport in critical, interacting and disordered many-body systems. Novel properties exhibited in materials when exposed to a rapidly changing environment.
Richard Schwarz
Associate Consultant
schwarz @
tas.jpg Tigran Sedrakyan
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
PAN 225 (office), 612-301-1964
tigrans @
Condensed Matter
Christopher Sheehy
Research Specialist
csheehy @
Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Alex Turbiner
turbiner @
Thais Victa Trevisan
Researcher 5
TATEH 275-07 (office)
tvictatr @
Dominic Villanueva
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
villa213 @
Denis Wittor
stuf317 @
Alexei Yung
TATEH 275-05 (office), 624-8335
ayung @
Particle Physics
Xudong Zhao
Visiting Scholar/Researcher
zhao @